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We have assembled a library of information pertaining to Shivers and Stringhalt. Note that our own pilot study and our presentation on the history of this condition are at the top of this page. We’ve also assembled a history of information dating as far back as 1930. All of this helps us understand this condition and informs our treatment. Think about the information and how it relates to your own horse and your own experiences. Educate yourself and learn, so you can ask questions!

Introduction to Shivers-Stringhalt Syndrome

A presentation with videos by Audrey DeClue, DVM of DeClue Equine.

Shivers-Stringhalt Syndrome Part 1: History

This PDF provides an overview of the history of this condition. A presentation by Audrey DeClue, DVM of DeClue Equine.

Shivers-Stringhalt Syndrome Part 3: Anatomy & Structures Responsible

A presentation with videos by Audrey DeClue, DVM, DeClue Equine.

Three-Dimensional Kinematic Motion Analysis of Shivers in Horses: A Pilot Study

By Kathy K. Seino, Tom Secord, Mikala Vig, Sue Kyllonen, Audrey Jo DeClue. Published by Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 2019.

The Principles and Practice, Chapter XII – Lameness

An excerpt from The Principles and Practice of Veterinary Surgery, by William Williams, F.R.C.V.S., F.R.S.E, etc. Chapter XII dealing with lameness, strains, stringhalt, shivering.

The Veterinary Record – Shivers In Horses

By W.M. Mitchell, published February 1, 1930.

The Veterinary Record – Some Further Observations on Pathological Changes Found In Horses Affected with “Shivering,” and their Significance

By W.M. Mitchell, published June 21, 1930.

Shivers (Shivering) In The Horse: A Review

By John D. Baird, BVSc, PhD; Anna M. Firshman, BVSc, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM; and Stephanie J. Valberg, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM. Published in AAEP Proceedings, 2006.

Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Lyon

Le Shivering ou Maladie des Tremblements Chez Le Cheval
2010 Thesis on Shivering: Lyon, France

Pelvic Limb Movement Disorder in Horses

A thesis submitted to the University of Minnesota by Alexandra Claire Elizabeth Draper and Stephanie Valberg. July 2013.

Posture and Movement Characteristics of Forward and Backward Walking in Horses with Shivering and Acquired Bilateral Stringhalt

By A.C.E. Draper, T.N. Trumble, A.M. Firshman, J.D. Baird, S. Reed, I.G. Mayhew, R. MacKay, and S.J. Valberg. Published in Equine Veterinary Journal, 2015.

Epidemiology of Shivering (Shivers) in Horses

By A.C.E. Draper, J.B. Bender, A.M. Firshman, J.D. Baird, S. Reed, I.G. Mayhew, S.J. Valberg. Published by Equine Veterinary Journal, 2015.

The Equine Movement Disorder “Shivers” is Associated with Selective Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Axonal Degeneration

By S.J. Valberg, S.S. Lewis, J.L. Shivers, N.E. Barnes, J. Konczak, A.C.E. Draper, A.J. Armién. Published by Veterinary Pathology, 2015.

Abnormal Locomotor Muscle Recruitment Activity is Present in Horses with Shivering and Purkinje Cell Distal Axonopathy

By J.E. Aman, S.J. Valberg, N. Elangovan, A. Nicholson, S.S. Lewis, J. Konczak. Published by Equine Veterinary Journal, 2018.