Dr. Audrey DeClue is a pioneer in the development of innovative and effective treatments for sport horses. She is the first equine veterinarian world-wide to teach or even speak about the subject of body lameness in sport horses. Her “whole horse” and “absolutely everything is important” approach has led to the diagnosis of many unsolvable “mystery” lameness’s and performance problems in sport horses along with treatment and rehabilitation protocols that challenge a shift in the current paradigm in veterinary sports medicine. Her mission and passion are the development of an equine research center and to provide both education seminars to owners and veterinarians.

Dr. DeClue is only one person. There are only so many emails that she can answer and horses that she can treat. By offering educational events and seminars, now YOU can be a part of this shift in the paradigm. Join Dr. DeClue as she hosts several different events and seminars throughout the year.

Below is a list of current events that are available to attend. Please check back often as events will continue to be added.