Dr. Audrey DeClue is a graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. She is an equine private practitioner whose passion and focus has been diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating “mystery and unsolved” injuries, lameness, and performance issues in the equine athlete. Using very simple concepts, a preventative mindset and a team approach that focuses on the whole horse, Dr. Audrey has been able to give horses and their riders-drivers long sustaining careers as high-level athletes.

Dr. Audrey has a strong focus on cervical, back and pelvic injuries influencing the equine athlete including successful treatment of the following conditions:

  • Equine Shivers
  • Equine Stringhalt
  • Equine Idiopathic hopping-like forelimb lameness syndrome (front limb lameness seen under saddle)

Dr. Audrey’s life revolves around not only her client horses, but her and wife Sue’s horses Paris (jumper), Legolas 88 (jumper), Rodger 228 (hunter and dressage), Isaiah 53 (cutter) and Easy (retired 29-year-old), along with their dogs Pearl (mutt rescue), Riddle-Me-This (Chinese Crested Powder Puff), Tilly (Blue Heeler), and Maude (Hound mutt rescue).

Once a former athlete, Dr. Audrey spends free time attending Minnesota Lynx WNBA games, riding and competing on her own horses, fishing, gardening, traveling, visiting National Parks and is currently writing a book: The Practical Approach to Diagnosing Lameness and Rehabilitation for the Equine Athlete.

You can listen to weekly podcasts of Dr. Audrey and her practical approaches at The Horse First Podcast.