Episode 2: It’s Never Normal When Your Horse…

Episode 2: It’s Never Normal When Your Horse…
Host Audrey DeClue shares her experiences working with horses, trainers, owners and more who often use the term “that’s just normal” when describing abnormal conditions in their horse. In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s probably not normal and what can be done.

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5 years ago

I can’t believe there are no other comments! I just wanted to say, I recently came across your podcast and I’m loving it! I 1000% agree with your message in this episode about what’s not normal for horses. A horse is a horse is a horse. There are things they should do and things they shouldn’t. And if they’re not doing something they should… there’s something wrong. And if they’re doing something they shouldn’t.. there’s something wrong! It’s so refreshing to hear a vet preach a message I’ve believed for a long time. Thank you!!

4 years ago

Horses NEVER lie! I say this a lot and when I heard you say it… gave me goosebumps! Love these podcasts. Thank you!