Ideopathic Hopping Like Forelimb Lameness

Stringhalt is a movement disorder unique to the horse, of which the underlying cause and successful treatment have long eluded the veterinary profession.

The need for a viable treatment protocol cannot be overstated. Everyday, horses are removed from service or euthanized due to lack of effective treatment options for these conditions. Left untreated, horses suffer from progressive, reduced mobility and pain. These conditions affect all breeds, and horses in every type of work and sport.

Stringhalt is a layman’s term used to describe a gait abnormality that involves exaggerated flexion of one or both upper pelvic limbs (including the hock and stifle).

In severe cases, affected limbs may be elevated rapidly and violently strike the horse’s abdomen, making normal ambulation difficult. Similar to the function of strings on a marionette, Stringhalt can cause a horse to yank the hind legs up and halt them there momentarily before taking the next step.