Episode 14: Back and Pelvic Rehabilitation in Horses (Part 1)

Episode 14: Back and Pelvic Rehabilitation in Horses (Part 1)
Dr. Audrey DeClue is back and starting a very important series on the rehabilitation of horses as it relates to their back and pelvis. If you’re ready to start down this journey, Dr. DeClue is ready to help.

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Jane Brown
Jane Brown
4 years ago

I love your outlook on the rehabilitation for these type of injuries.
Thank you for your approach, coming up with a practical common sense application that can be performed by an owner, and not just a rehab facility.
Your clear explanations and directions are easy to understand , and although with only 2 case studies quoted here, you have seemed to have great success.
The specific injuries you were rehabbing however, were not ever stated, and that would have been helpful I believe.
Also would this protocol hold true for SI injuries as well?
Thank you for your podcast, I really enjoyed it. I look for to listening to the others.